Brian Barsky: The BLUR Project at Berkeley

barskyBrian A. Barsky is Professor of Computer Science and Affiliate Professor of Optometry and Vision Science at University of California, Berkeley. His research interests include computer aided geometric design and modeling, interactive 3D computer graphics, computer aided cornea modeling and visualization, medical imaging, and virtual environments for surgical simulation. His talk takes place on Thursday, June 12, 3pm, at E104.

The BLUR Project at Berkeley

Abstract: The multidisciplinary BLUR project at UC Berkeley combines computer graphics with optics, optometry, and photography. This research investigates mathematical models to describe the shape of the cornea and algorithms for cornea measurement, scientific and medical visualization for the display of cornea shape, mathematics and algorithms for the design and fabrication of contact lenses, simulation of vision using actual patient data measured by wavefront aberrometry, photo-realistic rendering algorithms for generating imagery with optically-correct depth of field, view camera simulation. This talk will present an overview of rendering algorithms for simulating depth of field found in photographs and of vision-realistic rendering algorithms for simulating a subject’s vision. Recent work on vision correcting displays will also be briefly introduced.