Augustin Žídek: Protein Structure Prediction with AlphaFold

AugustinAugustin Žídek works as a Research Engineer at DeepMind and has been a member of the protein folding team since 2017. He studied Computer Science at the University of Cambridge. He enjoys working at the boundary of research and engineering, hiking, playing musical instruments and fixing things.

Protein Structure Prediction with AlphaFold

In this talk, we will discuss what proteins are, what is the protein folding problem and why it is an important scientific challenge. We will then talk about AphaFold, a machine learning model developed by DeepMind that is able to predict protein 3D structure with high accuracy, its architecture and applications.

His talk takes place on Tuesday, March 1, 2022 at 13:00 in room A112. The talk will be streamed live at